Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I recently participated in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I was on the YA Nonfiction panel: Where the Truth Lies. The panel lineup included Aaron Hartzler, James L. Swanson, and Maya Van Wagenen. Paula Yoo moderated.

I had a blast!

Here’s a link to Paula Yoo’s blog about the event.


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

  1. Charlotte

    My son loves reading this kind of stuff & I was going to buy the book for him, but decided not to purchase it.
    My decision was based solely on the fact that it is tied to the Common Core Curriculum & I will not support absolutely anything related to Common Core Curriculum.

  2. Vince Masucci

    Georgia, love your book, funny in a dark way and a great read! Also wanted to tell I saw a photo of u on Google and for an older woman you really have incredible legs!!!

  3. Wes heyde

    This comment is for the author, Georgia Bragg. We just finished your book, How They Choked. My son is 9 years old and we have used your book as a sort of vocabulary study. The words you use are so colorful and my son easily learns them in the context of your stories.
    Keep writing!!! We are getting set to purchase your book, How They Croaked.
    You are a gifted storyteller and your stories are exciting and interesting. Thank you.


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