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If Abe Lincoln had an iPhone he could have tweeted the Gettysburg Address in 8 tweets:

TWEET 1: 4scor&7yrs ago our fathrs brot4th on ths continent a nu nation concevd in librty&dedicatd 2 th prpositon tht al men r cr8d eqal.Now we r ngagd

TWEET 2: ngagd in a gr8 civl war testng wether tht nation or any nation so concevd&so dedicatd cn lg ndur.We r met on a gr8 batle- field of tht war.We

TWEET 3: hav com2dedicat a portion of tht field as a final restng plac4thos who hre gav ther lives tht tht nation mit liv.It is al2gthr fitng&propr

TWEET 4: tht we sould do ths.Bt in a lrgr sens we cn nt dedicat we cn nt consecrat we cn nt hallow ths grnd.Th brav men lvng&dead who strugld hre hav
TWEET 5: conse8td it far abov our poor pwr2ad or detrac.Th wrld wil litl note nor lg rembr wht we say hre bt it cn nevr4get wht thy did hre.It is4us
TWEET 6: th livng rathr2b dedicatd hre2th unfinshd wrk wich thy who foght hre hav thus far so nobly advncd.It is rathr4us2b hre dedicatd 2thegr8 task

TWEET 7: remaing b4us tht frm thes honord dead we tak incresd dvotion2tht caus4wich thy gav th last ful measur of dvotion tht we hre higly resolv tht

TWEET 8: thes dead shalnt hav died n vain tht ths nation undrGshal hv a nu brth of fredm&tht gvrmt of thplebythple4thple shalnt peris frm th urth